W5D6 aka morning sickness

Hello little one! Here we are at 5+6wks (that’s 5 weeks and 6 days if you don’t understand the medical lingo) of pregnancy and… Surprise! Guess who decides to show up?!? That’s right! Morning sickness has just come onboard of this wonderful trip towards motherhood! And I’ll have you know that it doesn’t just hit in the morning. I just wretched my entire lunch (and it was a good one too!) about 5mins after I was done with it. If you would’ve been here, you would’ve thought it was a funny situation: me, bent over the toilet, hurling while your dad is having a conversation about possible apartments to go visit. You see, on top of everything else (your arrival, my upcoming race, our upcoming wedding), we’re also trying to find a new place to live that would be a little bit better for a little one like you. Hopefully, we’ll find something suitable in the near future as we have given our notice that we’ll vacate our current place for May 1st. That leaves us with a little over a month to find you a new house. Don’t worry though, in the meantime, you can remain comfortable in my uterus for the next 8 months! Actually, I order you to stay there for the next 8 months as it is the best place for you to live in until you are fully ready to come and meet us, your parents.


Your dad and I spent a lovely weekend in a B&B. It was nice to be together and just relish in the thought of you. We have also bought a few pregnancy books as we are clueless when it comes to the whole process. I know I am a NICU nurse, but I’m used to dealing with babies, not bellies. Therefore, I want to be as prepared as I can be for your arrival. I even bought a book for your dad so he can also get information and not feel left out of things.


I am going to my 1st doctor appointment in a few hours for you. Daddy won’t be coming because he’s at work and I told him he didn’t have to. I am guessing that the only thing the doctor will do is order me some blood work to be done and maybe a urine test. If I were to get an early ultrasound, we could even possibly see your little heart beat! Isn’t that exciting?!? Hopefully, the morning sickness will behave tomorrow and for the upcoming days because I am in charge at work and it can be pretty busy on a day shift. I don’t want to be running to the washroom to hurl all day long! Did I tell you I can’t wait to meet you (all in due time though!)?


Mom Xxo

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