W6D6 aka running anyone?


I haven’t been able to go for as many runs lately and it is making me rethink the title of this blog. I had all the intention in the world to go out for a run today and instead, I slept most of the afternoon, yet again. I am either sleeping all the time (when I am not waking every 2 hrs to pee) and the rare moments that I am awake, I am scared to eat anything because it usually comes back up within 30 minutes. I swear to god I am very happy to be pregnant, but this child is making it really hard for me to love it right now! lol!

Ben doesn’t understand how I can sleep so much all the time and he keeps saying: “How did Bahama Mama do it?” I just want to reply “She is wonder woman and I, obviously, am not!” I wanted to go for a run today and instead, I slept on the couch. Yay me! How the hell am I gonna get through my race in 20 days?!?
My tummy is constantly unsettled/bloated/constipated (pick one and alternate). Ugh. I love being pregnant so far! NOT 😉

Anyways, I should tell you how I really feel about the whole thing! Lol! I don’t despise it, I just find it really hard to adjust to it. If I at least had a bump to show for all that trouble, but so far, just my flabby belly! Oh well, here’s to hoping for a better 2nd trimester!

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