W8D6: Being pregnant is weird!

Hi little one!,

I have to tell you that although your dad and I are very excited about you, expecting you is a bit weird! All these changes happening to my body and not being able to control it sort of feels like I am entering puberty for the second time (the first time wasn’t really bad, I just never expected to go there again in my life!)


Having to deal with the belly slowly growing, the nausea hitting whenever it feels like (don’t you like anything I eat?!?) and the other changes happening in my body, I can only sit back and watch as it all happens. Easier said than done for someone who is used to have her stuff together. You have taken over and have become the boss of me!


On another note, your dad and I are getting married in 36 days. I can’t wait because it’s something we’ve been planning for a while now. We’ll go celebrate in Mexico with our friends and family. That’s also the time we’ll tell your grandparents about you. I think it will be a nice surprise! It will also be nice to be able to relax on the beach!


Oh, I almost forgot! Apparently, you are the size of a green olive now. You are slowly growing and I hope I am doing an ok job at feeding properly as I can’t keep much down yet. Please, be good to me today, we have to work a night shift tonight!

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