W18D3 The big trip recount…

I hope you have a lot of time on your hands as this is probably the longest post in history. Consider yourself warned and get comfortable!

I know I haven’t written at all for the month of May, but I have a very good excuse. Really, I do! It all started at the end of April when we moved into a bigger apartment. For a few weeks, I was busy with work and when I wasn’t working, I was unpacking our new place. There is still a bit to unpack (mainly in the baby room and the living room, but we’re almost done!) Then, we got officially married in Victoria in a very small and intimate ceremony. We wanted to get everything legalized before we left for the “real” wedding ceremony in Mexico. Here is a picture of us, during the ceremony we had under a giant oak tree in Victoria:

The next day, we were flying to Montreal to spend one night at my parents’ place before flying to Mexico with our friends and family. I was excited about seeing my parents again as it had been a full year since I had last seen them and they didn’t know I was pregnant. I wanted to tell them face to face so I pretty much had to wait a whole 10 weeks before I could share the news with them. That is also why I haven’t blogged in a while. I didn’t want to blog about the pregnancy before we had a chance to tell our relatives and close friends about the baby, it just didn’t seem right to me. So there, now the secret is out and I am blogging all over again!

We pretty much had to spill the beans right away to my parents as they had glasses of wine ready to celebrate our visit as soon as we got there! The revealing didn’t really go according to plans as my father said as a joke that I was pregnant and then I had to convince him that I really was as he thought I was kidding, while my mom was staring at me and my belly, trying to decide if I was really pregnant! Once they were convinced, the celebrations took off!

One day after our arrival in Montreal, we were flying to Mexico, where we had planned a renewal of vows on the day that we’ll consider our anniversary date from now on. We met with the Hubster’s family at the airport and I let him reveal the big secret to his parents and sister. Once again, everybody was happy and cheery! It made for a good flight!

The Hubby and I were spending 2 weeks in Mexico and although I won’t overwhelm you with tons of pictures of the ceremony, I will share my favorite one with you here:

After the 2 weeks in Mexico, it was time to head back on the Canadian east coast to have our reception dinners with friends and family that couldn’t come with us to celebrate in Mexico. We had one dinner planned in Montreal and another one, the following day, in Kingston.

Here is a pic with my parents and my brother:

As you can see, we had really good weather in Mexico and I got a nice tan! Our wedding cake was made by my grandma. She did a fantastic job:

And here is the cake we got in Kingston. The Hubster’s sister had it made for us as a wedding present. It was a Mexican themed cake and it was also delicious!

After all these celebrations, it was time to hit the road for our 2nd road trip from one coast to another. Since Hubby had purchased his mom’s car, we were driving it back to Victoria from Kingston through the USA having done the Canadian cross country trip 2 years ago. We had a week to make the trip back as the Hubs wanted to be back at work the following Monday and we wanted to spend a day at Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful. We had also planned to camp along the way having shipped our camping gear across the country before our departure from Victoria, but the weather was not collaborating (rain, cold weather and snow in Yellowstone!) Here’s what the Hubster was up to while I was driving on the way to Omaha:

We chased a gorgeous sunset in Nebraska under a blanket of clouds:

Got surprised by snow in Teton (yes, I am wearing sandals and shorts in the snow. We started the day at 19C and by the time this pic was taken, it was down to 6C!):

Saw nature display wonderful colors at Grand Prismatic Spring (hot springs in Yellowstone National Park):

We also saw Old Faithful and buffalos (actually, we were scared this one would charge the car! Yikes!):

And finally, we had a very restful ferry ride from Vancouver to Victoria:

Phew! I told you this was a long one! There you have it, in a nutshell, the last month and a half in words and photos.That pretty much brings you up to speed with our lives! Later!

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