W19 aka special birthdays!

Hello Bédaine!
Today was a special day. It is both your dad’s birthday and your grand-papa’s birthday. That’s right! You read right. Your dad and my dad share the same birthday! Your dad turned 35 today. It’s a big year for him with him getting married, turning 35 and becoming a dad later this year with your arrival! I surprised him at his workplace (after my day at work) with a cake and candles. I had given him part of his present last night and the rest will come later this week. I think he liked the cake surprise. He hadn’t told anyone it was his birthday and I just wanted to highlight his 35th!

As for grand-papa, we tried calling him earlier in the day to wish him a happy birthday, but only got his voicemail. I sure hope he had a lovely day!

I can’t wait for July 5th! That’s when we’ll go for our ultrasound and finally get to see you for the first time! I am so thrilled about it all! And we can finally shut down the rumours that there is more than one of you in there. Although, if there were more, we’d still be very happy. Overwhelmed, but happy! Time to go to bed now, it’s been a busy 2 days at work and I need to put my feet up!

Mom & dad Xxo

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