W19D2: Happy Canada day & am I really big?!?

Disclaimer: There will be a lot of medical terms in this post as I am a nurse, but I will write a brief explanation of that word at the end of the post. These are my definitions and are, by no means, from a dictionary!

Hello Bédaine!
I was working a night shift last night and the team that I work with likes to tease me about how big my belly is for your gestational age. They were trying to convince me to go borrow the u/s machine from AP. However, I didn’t want to have my 1st u/s without having your dad next to me so I said to the girls that I would walk over to AP and ask the nurse what she thought my gestational age was. I mean, they do this on a daily basis, they should be experts, right?!?

So here I am, walking over to AP and explain my dilemma to the nurse who was there, saying that the girls in the NICU think that I am big and how far along does she think I am in the pregnancy. The nurse takes a good 15 seconds pause, stares at you (my belly) and announces: “You’re about 30 weeks right?”


Maybe I am big after all because I am only past 19wks. I said so to the nurse and she asked me how I measured. I told her I didn’t know as my doctor hasn’t measured me yet (she has palpated my uterus and I figured she was happy with where it was located, but hasn’t done any measurements). The nice nurse on AP gets me to lie down on a gurney and measures my fundus and it turns out that I am right on track with where I should be for 19-20 wks gestation.


That was a relief! I went back to the NICU and the girls just had a blast when I told them the AP nurse thought I was 30wks! It just makes me await anxiously for the u/s on the 5th to shut down the rumour mill once and for all!

On another note, it’s getting more uncomfortable to sleep during my breaks on night shift. I usually find a gurney mattress on the floor to be more than comfortable for me to lie on, but lately, I need an extra pillow between my knees and can only sleep on my left side. I feel pressure points on the entire side of my body and it is comparable to a clown show to get up from the mattress. It takes a lot of effort and grunting to lift my body from the ground! I guess I’ll have to settle on the cruddy couch in the break-room for my breaks from now on. Yuk! The things we endure for motherhood!

Your dad and I are very excited about seeing you on the u/s screen next Monday!
We love you!
Mom & Dad Xxo

Gestational age: number of weeks into a pregnancy

u/s: ultrasound (also sometimes called an echo)

AP: Antepartum. Literally from Latin meaning before birth. In our hospital, you go to AP if you’re at risk of delivering early. Also called High Risk in certain hospitals.

NICU: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The unit I work on.

Fundus measurement: The fundus is the height of the uterus in the belly. When someone measures big or small, it means that the fundus is either above or below where it should be according to the pregnancy. The fundus height is measured from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, in cm. 19 weeks should measure approximately 19cm for a single pregnancy.

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