W19D6 part 2: Nice to see you!

We had our ultrasound and finally got to see your cute little face today! We saw you under pretty much every angle and your dad was a bit freaked out at the beginning I think. He kept saying things like: “What is THAT?” and exclaimed that you had big feet! I’m sure he was just overwhelmed about seeing you for the first time as much as I was!

We took many pictures of your little bones (arms, legs, head, feet) and also had a peak at your kidneys, bladder, spinal cord, heart structures and brain. The u/s technician doesn’t tell us anything regarding your measurements our the structures of your organs, but from what I can tell (and I am no expert, by any means), things seem to look normal. We’ll get confirmation on all fronts next week when we see our ob/gyn again. The only picture we didn’t manage to get was one of your full body because you kept on moving and arching your back (playing camera shy already?!?)

What I am glad to put a lid on today is the rumour mill that has surrounded you, whether you are alone in there or not. I am happy to announce that you are alone in there! We have looked all over the place and there is just one of you! Not that having multiples would have been the end of me, but it would have definitely have been a challenge, with us being all by ourselves here and most of our relatives being on the east coast.

I have to say I feel much better having seen you move around like you did today. I had been having terrible nightmares about you and our ultrasound and to get to see you very much alive and kicking made me feel a whole lot better! Your little heart was going at around 150bpm (normal for you, crazy fast for an adult!) and you were moving around, gripping your ankle and stroking your face with your hands.

Below are pictures of your cute little face (I think you have your father’s nose) and your aforementioned big feet (definitely not mine)!

We were so thrilled to get to see you today! We’re halfway to meeting you for real and it’s getting pretty exciting!

Mom & Dad Xxo

3 thoughts on “W19D6 part 2: Nice to see you!

  1. so so beautiful, Val! and try not to worry, hard though I know it can be. Just keep doing all that you're doing, loving baby, Benny, and yourself.

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