W20D4: You kicked me!

Little Bédaine!
I was having a quiet night at work and actually enjoyed some dow time reading my book when, suddenly, at 5:20am, I saw the side of my belly pop out and felt a little flicker. I stopped reading, looked at my belly more closely and it happened twice more! You had just kicked me (or punched me) 3 times in a row and it was the first time I ever felt you move!  I decided it was worth it to call your dad to let him know. He was a bit sleepy on the phone, but he sounded excited about it!

Those moments are so special for me. It’s all those little firsts that make me realize that, pretty soon, I’ll get to meet you! It’s all very exciting and I cannot wait to see what you look like. Now, I have to go to bed as I still have to work another night shift. Feel free to kick me anytime, I like that feeling!

Love you lots,
Mom & Dad Xxo

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