W21 part 2: I miss running :(

Hello again Bédaine!

I just felt the need to write some more today. I have to say that ever since I found out about you, I haven’t been the most active person on the planet. I walk a lot, did a bit of prenatal yoga, but that’s pretty much it! I used to run. I wasn’t good at it, I walked a lot throughout my runs and suffered from terrible shin splints, but I still went at it 3x/week for about 1hr each time. I had even registered for a proper 10km race. That was before I found out about you. I never ran that race as I didn’t feel ready for it by the time it came around and I was a bit too busy with trying not to vomit.

When I did find out about you, I kept on trying to go out for my runs, but found out that I was not enjoying myself, constantly grumbling in my head and decided that it was probably my body trying to tell me that it would be best to just give it up for now. It doesn’t mean that I don’t miss it though. I still get my 2 running magazines in the mail every month (Runner’s World and Canadian Running) and I still skim through them religiously, keeping training plans for when I do go back to running and reading every single articles in them before recycling them over to Little K. I almost drool over them and imagine myself running certain trails.

Your dad is in very good shape. He has to be for his job and I might be totally biased, but I still think he is a hottie. Sometimes, I am jealous of his ability to go and work out. I wish I could do the things I used to love, hence running and playing squash. I feel flabby. Not fat, just soft. I haven’t put on much weight since you came on board, but I feel I have lost all the (small amount of) muscle I had gained before you. I was mentioning this to your dad the other day and he said he would gladly become my personal trainer after your delivery to help put me back into shape. Now, I know his workouts won’t be easy and I would be more than willing to subject myself to them. The only thing I am afraid of is to let him “boss” me around. I usually don’t take orders very well from your dad and it could become ugly very quick. I guess I’ll just have to bite my tongue and endure the bossing around if I want to reap the benefits of his workouts. In the meantime, I’ll keep on walking and yoga-ing and will dream of running in the not-so-distant future.

Mom Xxo

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