W21: You are an active little one!

Hello little Bédaine!,
Today, we had a follow-up appointment with your doctor to make sure everything is going well with you. Your dad wasn’t able to come as he had to work and it was the first appointment he missed. It was weird not having him with us, but we managed anyway!

As for your development, you are right on track! You measure a little bit on the small side, but nothing to worry about as neither myself or your dad are of the “super tall” category. To be honest, I was happy to hear that! It will just make things easier for me later on! That just makes you the perfect baby in my opinion!

I also asked the doctor if it was ok for me to get a recording while she was listening with the Doppler. She agreed, but you didn’t make things easy for us. You kept moving around and we had to chase you around my uterus. You were even waving your arms around, hence the loud clicking noises we hear on the recording. I hope it isn’t any indicator as to how you’ll be once you’re finally amongst us! If so, it sure looks like we’ll have our hands full!

Mom  & Dad Xxo

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