W21D2: Am I nesting?

My dear little Bédaine!
I think I might be nesting. If not, I might be preparing to nest. I create lists of things to do and then, I feel the compulsion to complete my to-do lists. And more often than not, these lists are not high on my priority of things to do. My latest urge, you’ll ask? Quilting. I know nothing about quilting, never made one in my life, never had the urge to make one. I only know that I’ve always loved quilts and right now, I want to make one for you. So here I am, on the hunt for quilting 101 books. I even asked your Oma if she had any suggestions for reading material as I remembered she quilts (or used to). She had the brilliant idea to send me to the public library. I had forgotten all about the public library! When I was younger, my mom used to take us (your uncle and I) on a weekly basis (after the grocery shopping, on Friday evenings) and we were allowed to select up to 6 books! I always loved the library and it’s one of the 1st things I got a membership for when we moved to the west coast. But don’t let me digress…

Earlier today, I took a trip to the public library closest to home and picked up 2 books on quilting. If I really like them, I will probably end up buying them on Amazon.ca, another of my favorite websites! While I was at the library, I perused the tiny section of French children’s books. Just for future reference, because I plan on reading to you in French. Our plan (your dad and I) is for myself to speak French to you during the day (while I’ll be on my maternity leave) and we’ll switch to English when your dad gets home from work.

But I digress again. I am now home with my quilting books and I am pondering about the mythical nesting instinct that apparently takes over pregnant women. Am I nesting? If not, is there such a phase as pre-nesting? If so, am I smack in the middle of it?

I know that over the past few days, I have renewed our towels supplies and gotten rid of our old ones, I have purchased new placemats for the new kitchen table and have cleaned up the apartment from top to bottom yesterday while doing laundry, but does that constitute nesting or am I just bored to tears? I thought it was boredom, but I am not so convinced anymore. Does it matter that the nesting stuff I have purchased (the placemats and towels) were purchased with gift cards we received for the wedding? I have no idea. Maybe it’s a good thing I am back to work tomorrow, I won’t have time to obsess about nesting for the next 4 days! Until then, I’ll be on the front porch, in my reclining chair, reading about quilting! I will also be playing nurse to Isla, the dog of the owner upstairs as she had knee surgery yesterday and can’t go up the stairs. She will be spending the next few nights with your dad and I to help her recover from her operation.

Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “W21D2: Am I nesting?

  1. Quilting! That is quite the undertaking!And I am beyyyyyyond jealous your child is going to learn to speak French and English interchangeably and not even know they are doing it. Lucky little one!

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