W23D6: Daddy felt you, minestrone soup and don’t drink the water, or do, it’s up to you!

My sweet little Bédaine!,
This will be a bit of a longer post so bear with me. First, your dad finally felt you (very faintly) move 2 days ago! We were visiting family in Vancouver and as we were going to bed, your dad put your hand on my belly because I told him you were kicking around in there and he finally felt you move. Mind you, he says it was very faint, but I am just happy he finally got to feel you a bit in there!

After the weekend spent with family, we came back home to get some groceries, do laundry and put together a piece of Ikea furniture (Thanks to Manu and Mark for the gift card as a wedding present!) and I was just starving. Your dad made me the happiest woman as he decided to make his famous (at least, famous with me) minestrone soup. You have to understand that this soup is out of this world! It is the one meal your dad makes that brings instant comfort to me! And it works every time! It was just what I needed! I am sorry to have to tell you this, but I will delay the time I introduce this meal to you until it is no longer possible, just because it is so good, I want it all to myself! I secretly hope you’ll hate it just so it would leave more for me!

As for the water thing, here it is. We are 7 people that are pregnant right now at work and we’re all due within 5 months of one another! There has to be something in the water that makes all of us pregnant! So there! Drink the water at your own risk and don’t say nobody warned you! In the meantime, here’s a picture your dad took of you yesterday. You’re getting pretty big!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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