W24D5: A perfect day with your dad!

Sweet little Bédaine!

Today was spent having tons of fun with your dad! We had been planning to go tubing down the Cowichan River, up in Duncan. We drove up with 2 cars (because everyone else bailed on us!) and parked one car at our end point (or so we thought!) and then drove together to our start point.  The tubing itself was very relaxing and there was barely anyone else on the river. There was a bit of sun when we started going down the river and your dad was convinced the sun would peak from the clouds shortly, so we trudged along, enjoying the river and the scenery. The water was a bit cold at first, but it would surely get better when the sun would come out! Below is a short video of me showing you off:
Your dad was really good at doing his homework and had picked a part of the river that really didn’t have big rapids to go through and it was a very safe 2hrs ride altogether (see, he’s already playing papa-bear with you!) 🙂
As we journeyed along the river, the sun wasn’t making its appearance, on the opposite, the clouds were getting heavier and the weather was dropping. Add to that that we were getting soaking wet going through the “rapids” and I was frozen by the time we were done! I couldn’t feel my toes and it took me a good hour to regain full function of my hands, they were so cold! We exited where we thought was the place to get out of the river, but ended up getting out a bit too early so we had to hike up a trail and along some streets before we made our way back to the car. As soon as we were inside the car, we cranked up the heater to try and warm ourselves up! I know it doesn’t sound like it was much fun, but the scenery was very relaxing and tranquil, just what I needed in order to unwind. And being able to spend some time with your dad is always a treat; he makes me laugh and makes me feel loved so much, you’ll be the luckiest little one to have him as a dad! The only thing missing was the sun, but other than that, it was a perfect day! One day, we’ll bring you tubing with us so you can experience it too!
Your dad, tubing down the Cowichan.
Mom & Dad Xxo

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