W25: Keeping fit with prenatal Pilates!

Hi little Bédaine!,
Today, I did something new. I tried a prenatal Pilates DVD and absolutely loved it!

I had recently gotten a prenatal yoga DVD, but the whole Zen thing isn’t really my cup of tea and I had been looking for something that was a bit more fast-paced, but yet gentle enough for you. Enters your dad, who got me this DVD. It consists of five 10-minutes workouts that you can do either separately or one after the other. I did the whole thing today and although I will admit to taking 2 breaks in-between some of the sections, I thoroughly enjoyed it! The instructor is friendly enough, without being cheesy, the movements are fast-paced and I quite liked the fact that the instructor was getting out of breath with me throughout the DVD!
The equipment needed is fairly simple to find and I had everything I needed on hand: a floor mat, two 3lbs dumbbells and 2 big pillows (for support when lying flat on your back). Your dad already has a few dumbbells at home and I found a set of 3lbs in his collection (he used them for strenghtening his shoulders after a small injury last year). 
I’ll be honest and admit that the 1st 10-minutes workout (buns & thighs) was the most challenging to me. After months of pretty much being inactive, all those lunges and squats left my hamstrings burning! I will surely feel it tomorrow! I also liked all the back strengthtening and I am hopeful it will help with the pain associated with your weight and my scoliosis. Overall, I’d give this DVD 10/10 and will be sure to be back at it tomorrow! My goal would be to do it everyday on my days off work. We’ll see how that goes. 
As for you, you seem to have also enjoyed it. I finished the DVD about 15mins ago and you are now kicking up a storm and moving around like a little monkey! I’ll take it as a sign that you enjoyed it and hopefully, I am not wrong!
Mom & Dad Xxo

4 thoughts on “W25: Keeping fit with prenatal Pilates!

  1. Unfortunately, Babydaddy, I didn't. My legs are killing me and I can barely move today! It was quite a workout! I am looking forward to doing the pilates again though!

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