W26: Never again baking red velvet cupcakes while being pregnant!

Sweet little Bédaine!

I am pretty upset at myself and although I didn’t believe people when they were talking about the “mommy brain” while being pregnant, I am totally sold on the idea right now!

It all started when I (or you, who knows) started craving cupcakes earlier this week. So instead of just buying a pre-packed mix and making my life a lot easier, I decided that I wanted to make red velvet cupcakes from scratch. Not only that, but I also wanted to make the frosting from scratch. Pretty ambitious for someone who isn’t a baker by any means. Don’t get me wrong, I do alright in the kitchen, but I’m far from being a professional baker and I don’t thoroughly enjoy baking.

Then, as I was mixing the batter for the cupcakes, the whole thing was flying out of the bowl and splattering everywhere on the walls, floors, countertops, etc… Repeat that same scene when it came time to mix the icing. I was pretty tired of picking up goopy batter and icing off every surface in a 2 meter radius.  As I put my 1st batch of cupcakes in the oven, I thought the batter was quite liquidy, but was pretty sure I had followed the recipe to a T and didn’t worry too much… until I saw the flour on the countertop. I had forgotten to incorporate it to the batter! I rescued the cupcakes from the oven, put the mixing back in a bowl and mixed in the flour. Once that was done, I replaced the cupcakes in the oven. As the cupcakes were cooking and the icing was cooling in the fridge, I cleaned up the kitchen and the dishes. I was almost there, I could see the end of this nightmarish enterprise I had begun!

Pre-icing, cupcakes cooling off

After the cupcakes were cooled off, I iced them with my homemade vanilla icing and because the icing was still a bit liquid, I wanted to put the cupcakes in the fridge for a bit. I left them on the cooling rack and as I bent over to place them on the shelf, 1/4 of my whole batch decided to take a trip on the floor (landing on the iced surface, of course). I am sorry to say that your mom lost her cool and a few choice French swear words made their way out of my mouth. I picked up the ruined cupcakes, cleaned up the kitchen floor and the fridge and finally put the cupcakes back in the fridge. I will honestly say that I will never again make red velvet cupcakes, no matter how good they are or how cute they look. At least, never again while being pregnant and suffering from mommy-brain!

All done!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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