W26D3: More pictures of you!

Sweet little Bédaine!

Today, we had quite a busy day. It all started with a prenatal visit to our doctor. Although I was having some cramping since getting up this morning, she gave me a clean bill of health and assured me that you were doing fine, that I just had to rest and take it easy over the next few days. I didn’t sleep well last night and I guess it took its toll on me (and you), hence the cramping. After a lovely afternoon nap, I am hoping the cramping will go away soon! I was also a bit worried about my weight gain, but our doctor reassured me that I was right on track and doing well with that too. I have gained10lbs since the beginning of the pregnancy and was a bit worried that it was on the low side, the doctor seems happy with this, therefore I am too!

After that appointment, we had Tannis over for a little photo shoot of you (aka, my belly!) Tannis is a co-worker of mine who also does photography on her spare time and she came to take some pictures for us to have as keepsake of this special time in our lives. She has posted some un-retouched pictures already on her blog and you can see them here. She did a tremendous job and I cannot wait to see the rest of the photo shoot! I felt super comfortable with Tannis right away and I guess your dad did too as he was goofing around (being true to himself) very quickly! She was very professional, had tons of good ideas and very efficient and conscientious in the way she worked. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good photographer in the area! You could contact her directly or ask me for her contact info!

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