W28D4: Yo mama…

Is one tired lady!

Hi little one!

After having finished work yesterday morning, I slept a bit and then we were off to celebrate Auntie Kel’s birthday. She isn’t a real aunt, but as we live very far from your real auntie Sandy, Kelly, Krista and Jenn have gladly stepped in as surrogate aunts! Because I was a bit tired, your dad and I had decided to attend only the dinner part of the evening as everyone else was going out to keep the party alive well into the night. It was a big group gathering at Moxie’s and the food was delicious!

Aunt Kelly, in Mexico, on our wedding day!

This morning, I was up to a very slow start as I had a bad night’s sleep filled with nightmares, your daddy snoring (as well as I, according to him) and being up for part of the night. Once I got up for good, I felt all sluggish and slow. Your dad was nice enough to make me a lovely coffee in order to get my bearings right and as he left shopping for canning supplies (to make more jams), I cleaned up the house a bit as we are having friends over for dinner later. Once that was done, I helped out your dad with the jam. We now have 3 different kinds: Blackberry, Ginger/Peach and Blackberry/Mango. They all taste delicious as we sampled a few as we were making them. By the time we were done,  I needed to lie down a bit as my back was hurting pretty bad. I took the opportunity to get further into Andre Agassi’s autobiography Open. This is one book that has taken me by surprise so far. I just can’t seem to put it down. The writing is flowing and the story compelling. It was a birthday present I had gotten for your dad, but as he still hadn’t started it, I decided to have a go at it and so far, I can honestly say I really enjoy it!

Once I got up, I took a small trip to the garden in the backyard and got some lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes for dinner. We are lucky enough to rent a basement suite that has a garden and we have full access to whatever is growing in there! Yay for the 0-mile diet and fresh organically-grown veggies! Now, we are just waiting for D & K to arrive and are relaxing a bit before they do so. They were also with us in Mexico to celebrate our wedding. Here they are below:

That’s it for now! Your dad and I are watching some Stan Lee’s Superhuman!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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