W31D2: Things I am grateful for

Hello Bédaine!
Today is a grey/rainy day here and it is a drastic change to the beautiful sunny day we had yesterday. I was so happy to have a day off work yesterday and be able to catch up with 2 girlfriends for a quick coffee at your dad’s workplace. I also managed to stop to say “hi” to him and steal a quick hug & a kiss too! I really enjoy that his job isn’t a traditional one and I can stop by for a quick visit whenever I can. I’m pretty sure we’ll be making some pitstops when we go for stroller-walks together!  So, that is one of the things I was grateful for.

The second one is that I actually managed to paint my own toenails by myself! I took a picture to prove it! Now, don’t look at my short, fat, stubby toes and the color looks darker than it actually is.

Not too bad if I do say so myself!

By the way, I am also still able to shave my own legs, which I am really thankful for! Lol!

The third thing I am grateful for is your dad. I know he’s not a thing, but you get my jist right?

Here is your dad, giving you your first smile!

In case you didn’t know, your dad is a pretty amazing guy. He works hard at his job and is reaping the benefits of all the energy he’s putting into it. He also does his best to spend time with us whenever he can. He has a crazy schedule and with my 12-hrs shifts schedule, trying to find time to get together can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve managed to do it for the past few years and I cherish every second spent with him. It’s also very nice to see him being so excited about meeting you. Every night, when he comes home, he drops his bags and the first thing he does is come over to me and pet my belly (you) and talks to you. So much so that I often come in second when it come to saying “hello”, but I honestly don’t care, I think it’s simply adorable to see him interact with you already!

Another thing I am grateful for is my massage therapist, Christina. She has been working on my back whenever we have time to schedule an appointment and I am REALLY looking forward to my appointment tomorrow. MY back has been getting more sore over the weeks and I can’t sit for too long periods of time. When Christina isn’t available, my only solace are lying down on a hard surface (floor or our futon) with some hot Magic Bag or the massage jet of the shower on my lower back.  If I am stuck at work and have forgotten my Magic Bag at home, I take out some fluids from an IV bag, warm it up in the microwave and place it on my lower back. Not the best, but in times of dire needs, it does the trick.

Last, but definitely not the least, I am extremely grateful for you. I cannot wait to see what you look like, if you’ll be a boy or a girl and what your personality will be like (although, I’m already getting a glimpse of it right now and if I’m right, you’ll be a good mix of both your dad and I: a very active little clown! No matter what, we will love you (we already do) and try to be the best parents we can be for you. Just keep in mind that we’re learning just as much as you are about this whole parenting thing and I can’t promise we’ll always be right, but we’ll try our best.

Only 8 weeks and 5 days before we meet you, but who’s counting!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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