W32D2: Conquering your fears is a good thing!

Hi Bédaine!

Today, I did something new. I faced a fear of mine. Let me explain.

I came home from working my night shift with yet another horrible flare up of pain in my back. I had tried resting with my back flat on the floor at one point during the night, but it didn’t help. As I was lying down in bed, I could feel all the pressure in the muscle in my back and it was so painful that I cried myself to sleep. Needless to say that I took the night off tonight in order to rest my back a bit.

When I got up from a short nap, I was really determined to do something about that nagging back pain. As I’ve mentioned before, massages are good, but the soothing effect only lasts about 30 mins before I feel the flare-up again. I called Genny, your dad’s chiropractor and was planning to make an appointment for tomorrow, but she offered to see me today, which, even though I’ve always been afraid of chiropractors, I jumped on the opportunity. That’s how bad the pain was. I never felt warm to the idea of having my back and neck bones twisted and cracked in every which way, but I had to face the fact that desperate times called for desperate measures.

So here I was, on my way to my 1st chiropractor appointment ever. What I really liked about Genny is that she’s not just the “let me crack your back and send you on your way” type of chiropractor. She actually massaged and loosened my tight muscles in my neck, back, hip flexors and legs before she cracked my back and neck. I felt INSTANT RELIEF and I still feel very loose and relaxed now (1hr post treatment) which makes me believe that maybe I am on to something good here! She has also recommended for me to invest in the Miracle Ball. She made me try it and I can tell this little ball might be really helpful to stretch my back and my pectorals (as I hunch forward a lot). I will  definitely look into it shortly and post a review if and when I get one.

The Miracle Ball

Over the past few months, I have also been doing a lot of reading and research about barefoot running and walking. As you might remember, I often come home from work with painful arches in my feet and for the past 4 days, I have been walking around barefoot in the house and the pain has literally disappeared. I haven’t begged your dad for a foot rub in as many days, therefore I  think it makes the 2 of us happy!

On another note, we saw our doctor yesterday morning and we are all just cruising along with your arrival. So far, there are no major issues regarding my health and you are right on par as to where you need to be. I am getting really excited and anxious about meeting you, but I can also be patient. After all, only 8 more weeks to go! It’s really nice to see your dad and his interactions with you. He cuddles you every chance he gets, even when he’s not fully conscious of doing it (when he’s half asleep in bed). I can tell he’s also excited about your upcoming arrival and he’ll be a great dad!

We love you little monkey!
Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “W32D2: Conquering your fears is a good thing!

  1. I love Chiropractors. They've helped me so much and I'm sure it will with this first pregnancy. They also have some that specialize in adjusting pregnant women and that being adjusted helps everything move as needed to make child birth easier. I cut a Chiropractors hair and he also said that it helps with babies who have colic because it helps straighten out their back and allows their body to function better. I also had ear infections when I was little and after a trip to the chiropractor it was gone shortly after with no need for antibiotics. I'm glad that you are feeling some relief that lasts longer. The more adjustments you get the more your back will stay how they put it and the pain will disappear for good. Best of luck 🙂

  2. I have been going to chiropractor, acupuncture and massage all through this pregnancy and they are such a godsend. I have a ball (just a regular yoga one) and it is great too! I love sitting on it and stretching my lower back out. You should definitely try it!

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