W32D6: Really enjoying this!

My sweet little Bédaine!

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying this pregnancy so far! Things have progressed along very well and I haven’t had too many issued to deal with. Your dad and I are enjoying our last few weeks as a family of 2 (although, you are very much present in everything we do and every discussion we have) and we took full advantage of a rare weekend off together. We cleaned up your room and the living room, did some shopping together and went out to dinner to some friends’ house. As we were coming back home after dinner, the weather had dropped and there was a crispness in the air that made it feel very automnal. Enough so that we made our 1st fire in the fireplace!

It wasn’t a great success as the firewood was still a bit wet and we could hear it seat in the fireplace, but we managed to enjoy it for a few hours. It really made our place feel like a home to me. I was raised with wood-burning fireplaces and had been missing not having a fireplace for the past few years. Your dad took a picture of the whole thing, but I forgot to ask him to share it with me so I could post it here.

Another thing that reminds me of being home is the smell of home-cooked meals. I have recently discovered another blog called A Year of Slow Cooking written by Stephanie O’Dea where she has a slow cooker recipe for everyday of the year. Now, you tell me if there’s anything better than preparing a meal in 30 minutes or less in the morning and then enjoy the smell of it throughout the day! I am presently waiting for my Orange Beef to be done cooking so I can fully enjoy it! I plan on using my Crockpot a lot during my year at home with you. I think it would be a good time saver! Plus, if I can get your dad to eat more vegetables by cooking some in it, that’s always a bonus! 🙂 Your dad said to me that if I make him enough good home cooked meals, he would work really hard to keep me at home! That made me laugh a lot!

We are planning a small Thanksgiving dinner with some friends here next weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier than the American one). We’ll see who shows up and how it all turns out!

I also managed to clean the inside of my car (which was wayyyy overdue!) and was pleasantly surprised by a parcel we received from your Mamie and your Grand-Papa. In it were a ton of goodies for you! We had a car seat pouch/blanket for you, a French storybook, a colourful quilt and some pictures of our wedding. You see? You’re not even here yet and people are spoiling you and showering you with love!

Later this evening, I will go for a stroll with Jill. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and I can’t wait to hear about what’s new with her!

Tomorrow, you turn 33 (weeks, that is). As your daddy said so well yesterday, we are ready for you to come out now. We are excited to see what you’ll look like and be able to interact with you outside of my womb! See you in about 7 weeks little one!

Mom & Dad

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