W33D5: Thanksgiving!

Hello my little one!

Today, we are celebrating our (Canadian) Thanksgiving by having some friends over for dinner. It will be only my 2nd Thanksgiving hosting ever and I am a bit nervous about the monster bird in the oven, but it should be ok in the end. Your dad and I have decided to make it potluck-style in order to reduce the stress imposed on me and I think it was a great idea! We are providing the turkey and trimmings and everyone else is bringing a side-dish. I have also baked an Oreo Cheesecake in the crockpot last night as an alternative for those who are not too keen on pumpkin pie and I must say, it looks delish!

Your dad has been a tremendous help all through yesterday and today. He got the groceries, helped clean up our place and even gave me a neck rub last night! I have to say, yesterday wasn’t a good day for me. I had just finished my night shifts in the NICU and came home completely exhausted. Add to that that you were moving around like the little monkey you are and I couldn’t get any sleep. I was functioning on 8hrs of sleep for the previous 2 days and working night shift drained me out. Thank goodness I only have 2 more sets to work before I go on maternity leave!

Considering it is Thanksgiving, I guess I should list what I am grateful for:

– your dad: He is a tremendous husband, caring and loving the both of us like there’s no tomorrow and being supportive whenever I rant that I am ready to give birth!

– our families: Even though they are far away, I am glad to get to speak with your grandparents on a regular basis. They love you and are as anxious as we are to meet you!

– our friends: Being that we live so far away from our families, our friends are really important to us. They are like surrogate families and I am glad we have them around. Some are very far away (Biche and Alex, Dave and Tobi, Mark & Manu ), but we think about them often and we miss them a bunch. Hopefully, you’ll meet a few of them in February when we go for a visit on the east coast.

– our apartment: Although it is not our house, it is really starting to feel like a home to us. We are truly enjoying the peaceful surroundings, the fireplace, our easygoing landlord and their dog! It is not “our” place as we don’t own it, but we are very happy living here!

– maternity leave: Did I already mention I only have 8 more shifts to work before I can relax (until you get here, that is!) It doesn’t seem like much, but everyday at work is getting harder and harder. I try to not focus on the physical pain of things when I am at work, but it hits me like a rock once I get home. I am very thankful for the Miracle Balls as they greatly help with all my back and neck pain.

– last, but not least, YOU my little Bédaine: I am thankful that you seem to be in good health and as much as I would like for you to take a break every once in a while, I am grateful that you are very active. I love that we can already interact with you by talking to you, touching you and getting you to respond to our touch. You already are an integral part of this family and in everything we do, we include you in our plans &/or discussions. My only wish is that my belly could stretch a bit more so I  could have more room to breathe, eat and not feel like my skin is about to rip apart it is so stretched out! Other than that, we are very blessed to be expecting you. We will see you in a few weeks my little one and in the meantime, we love you very much!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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