W35D2: The things they don’t tell you about pregnancy…

Sweet little Bédaine,

* This post might not be for you as I will be discussing women issues and will be naming body parts by their real names. Then again, maybe it will be good for you to learn the real name for things right off the bat. Just consider yourself warned. *

I was a bit in a rut thinking about my post yesterday and wanted to lighten the mood, so I thought I would talk about the things you don’t get to learn about pregnancy until you get to experience them yourself. If any of you faithful readers have anything to add to my list, feel free to share so I don’t feel like a complete idiot out here!

1- Expect the worst, and when it happens, it’ll seem normal. When I first found out I was pregnant, I automatically expected to be nauseous, vomiting, be tired, have back aches and so far, I am up to par, therefore, this pregnancy seems pretty easy and normal for me! 🙂

2- Headache are violent: During my 1st trimester, I pretty much had a constant headache. I have learned to make good friends with my extra-strength acetaminophen very quickly (as long as I could keep it down long enough to absorb it!

3- Sacrum pressure relief = HEAVEN! This is something we learned during our prenatal course and brings instant lower back pain relief to me. I swear, it feels so good, if I was a dog, my leg would probably shake when your dad does it to me! Here’s how you do it. Pregnant woman kneel on the couch, facing the back of the couch, with your knees slightly wider than your ankle (you want to leave room for that growing belly of yours). Drape your upper body over the back of the couch (leaving your arms hanging). Ask for your lovely spouse to put one hand in the middle of your lower back, on your sacrum (or between your bum dimples if you don’t know what a sacrum is) and apply downward pressure. Feel instant relief! I like this one so much and I need quite a bit of pressure from the hubby to release the pain. Your dad and I have adapted this exercise a bit to accommodate my needs: While I face the back of the couch, he literally sits on my sacrum and relieve the pressure. It’s a win-win situation: I get relief, he keeps watching TV!

4- You’ll feel numb in places you’ve never felt numb before. My feet, hands and arms have that tingling feeling like my limb-just-fell-asleep sensation on a regular basis (which barely happened before I got pregnant) and the worst calf cramps will catch you in the middle of a perfect night of sleep. I never had them before and used to make fun of your dad whenever he would wake up and clutch his calves. Now, I understand the pain and won’t make fun of him next time…

5- Here’s the big one: Your vagina will hurt. Sorry to be so blunt, but I didn’t know about this one before you came along. It has to do with your head creating increased pressure, me working long hours standing and increased blood flow in that area. Combine all 3 and add it to me being in the 3rd trimester and you have a sore vagina. So much so that I sometimes sit on an ice pack (and I hate feeling cold)! To top it all off, you could very well blow a varicose vein in that same area. I have not had the pleasure of experiencing this one yet, but I hear they can be pretty painful too.

6- You’ll spend a little fortune in prenatal vitamins, acid reflux reducers and iron supplements (unless you’re lucky enough not to need the iron). I have found that Costco is the best place in town to buy the aforementioned pills and don’t be afraid to go for generic brands (Sorry grand-papa, I know as an old pharmaceutical rep you’ll probably hate me promoting generic brands, but when they are not covered by insurance and you live on a budget, sometimes, you do things that go against your parents beliefs.) Those iron supplements will do nothing to help with your constipation or hemorrhoids. There, I said it!

7- I have grown a fuzzy peach layer all over my belly since you came on board. I don’t know if it’s your way of keeping warm, but I hope it will go away once you’re born!

8- I have a topographical map of stretch marks on my breasts, my areolae have doubled in size and I’ve been manually extracting breast milk for about 10 weeks now. You will become out of breath just trying to carry a normal conversation pace and not every belly-button pops out with pregnancy (mine still hasn’t).

Let’s see, I am probably forgetting a few things, but you get my gist. Pregnancy sounds horrible when you put it that way, but as a future mom, I forget all about the unglamorous parts of pregnancy the moment I get to feel you move or see your dad amazed at all the things you do. And you’re not even born yet! Just imagine how amazed we’ll be once you’re here!

Mom & Dad Xxo

3 thoughts on “W35D2: The things they don’t tell you about pregnancy…

  1. 9. If you payed for laser hair removal, you will be shocked to see it re-appear once you're pregnant. This will require a touch up session once your hormones are back to normal (ie: once you're done breastfeeding)Same goes for new scars. They may keloid (mine did, and went away post partum)

  2. That is a very good list Val! Point #5 was a surprise for me. It has only happened in the last couple weeks but wow! I am glad that didn't happen while I was still working. And the fuzzy belly, not fun. Your belly button hasn't popped out? Mine neither! Yay!Hmm, things to add…- Having to pee at least once an hour during the day and every 2 hours at night. I have never seen so much of my toilet before!- Constantly changing food wants/dislikes. From 2am Chinese food cravings to having to leave the apartment when Riley brought home an onion from the grocery store to making a craving for dinner only to crave something else by the time it is ready to eat.- And the one that I never even imagined could happen, my eyesight changed!!! I started seeing in fuzz around month 5 or 6, both with my regular glasses and my reading glasses, and when I tried to make an appointment with my optometrist he said there was no point in coming in because my eyesight would change constantly until the baby is born. *pout*That is all I can think of…

  3. I totally agree with the eyesight. For someone with more than perfect eyesight its driving me nuts that after 10 minutes on the computer its fuzzy and gives me a headache. Terrible!

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