W36D4: We had a dream…

Hello Bédaine,
First things first, I will no longer be calling you “little Bédaine” because, let’s face it, you are not little! Second, I’ve been calling you Monkey a lot over the past few months so it’s slowly becoming a new nickname of yours as well as Bédaine. You’ll probably see me switch between the two from now on.

I woke up with your dad this morning and told him I had dreamt I was giving birth to you at the hospital and we discovered you were a boy. Your dad replied that he had dreamt I had given birth to you in our living room (he helped me deliver) and you were also a boy in his dream. And for the past week or so, I’ve been having a strong feeling you are a boy. I try not to focus my mind on you being a boy just in case you are a girl, but it’s hard sometimes!

I just got off the phone with your Mamie (my mom) and it felt good to talk to her. I’ve found myself missing her a lot this week and I miss the times when I could just pop in my car and go over for a quick visit. It was nice to get to chat with her (although we do talk a few times a week, it had a calming effect on me today). Just a small proof that no matter how old you are, sometimes, you just need to talk to your mom!

I have been doing a lot of running around this week and today, I plan on taking it easy as I am tired. Oh yeah, I am now officially on maternity leave as of last Wednesday! So you can pretty much make an appearance anytime now! 😉 I’ve been experiencing a lot more Braxton-Hicks and cramping that goes from my lower abdomen to my upper thigh and some bloody spotting, all early signs of labour, so I guess we’re on par for that too!

In other news, I chopped off my hair yesterday. I had been debating it for about a month now and was trying to grow it out, but decided to chop it off. Your dad needs some time to get used to it, but I like it eiher way. I guess I’ll have to grow it again to please your dad! In the meantime, here’s what it looks like:

My new do and rosy cheeks, thanks to a pregnancy hot flash!
My new do and you W36D3! Don’t mind the tired look!

Your dad is getting pretty excited at the idea of meeting you and he’s being very vocal about it. He’s constantly poking and probing my belly to either feel you move or get you to move. Sometimes to an excessive point, but I try to let him interact with you as much as I can stand it as I think it’s pretty amazing he’s so excited about you! It’s his way of showing you how much he loves you and I think it’s simply adorable!

On another front, I have been catching up on my running reading. I can’t wait to hit the trails again, this time around, with you in your stroller. It’s funny what pregnancy does to you. Mentally, I really want to get out there and start running, but physically, I barely get out the door before I feel a wave of exhaustion hit me like a ton of brick! I guess I’ll just have to take it easy in the meantime and start very progressively once I do start running. I am still waiting for my minimalist running shoes to get here. I had ordered a pair of Vibram,  but they were just killing my pinky toe on my right foot and had to return them.

Instead, I ordered 2 pairs of Sockwa Amphibians shoes. I am still waiting for my order to get here and if you’re interested in getting a pair, you can just contact me and maybe I’ll share a coupon code with you (if you’re nice to me, that is!) Here are the 2 colors I ordered.



You can expect a full review once I try them on for a bit and maybe I’ll order some of their Dojo model for wearing in the house, depending on how I like the Amphibians. In the meantime, I am psyching myself up to getting back into running once you decide to show up.
Your dad and I feel ready for your arrival, so feel free to come anytime!
Mom & Dad Xxo

3 thoughts on “W36D4: We had a dream…

  1. My first thoughts reading your blog was a boy. I adore your haircut. Its very flattering to your face and you have gorgeous eyes!Hope labor goes easily for you! Maybe your next post will be with pictures of the little one 🙂

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