W37D4: Are we there yet?!?

Hello Monkey!

We are now officially playing the waiting game. That’s right, we are waiting for you to come and show yourself to the world! Getting through my daily activities is getting harder and harder as I find myself wanting to take naps as soon as I’m out of bed. Needless to say that I haven’t cleaned the place up in a couple of weeks and although it irks me to see the dust bunnies and the cobwebs hanging around, I just don’t have the heart to tackle such a long task. I should do one room at a time really, and this way, I could manage and get through it. Maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow while daddy has to pop in to work for a few hours.

Otherwise, things are good. My morale is up and although there are some physical aches to deal with, I’m feeling good most of the time. I have a newfound love for icepacks in places I never imagined I would enjoy a cold pack, but whatever it takes to get me through the day is fine with me! My pride was thrown out the window a long time ago and I’m willing to do whatever in order to be comfortable!

We are just finishing the last purchases of what we need for your arrival and your Oma has confirmed her arrival for the 2nd week of December! She’ll be here to come see you and give you tons of cuddles, I’m sure!

Your dad scared the bejesus out of you the other morning as he gave a very loud vibrating kiss on my belly and you got startled. So much so that you tried to shove your bum as far up my ribs as you could. It was very uncomfortable, but at the same time, hilarious to see the two of you having such a strong interaction!

We spent the afternoon shopping and are now back home where I have requested a nice fire in the fireplace and a foot rub from your dad. I’m pretty sure he’ll oblige me the 1st request and we’ll see about the 2nd one! A pregnant girl can always dream!

Please come out soon, we are pretty anxious to meet you!
Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “W37D4: Are we there yet?!?

  1. Ah yes, the waiting game! I was lucky and didn't have much of that, even though Alexis was 5 days late, as I spent the majority of my ninth month dealing with contractors, leaking toilets and new carpets. I sympathize with your lack of energy though! I found that cleaning the bathroom and kitchen was all I could handle, let the dust bunnies have the floors!!

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