W38!!! So far, so good!

Hello Monkey!

Yesterday, we had a follow-up (f/u) appointment with our doctor to see how things are with you. Everything is fine with this Babymama and it seems everything is fine with you too!

The doctor performed an exam just to see where I was in terms of “Am I about to deliver?” or “You still have a few weeks to go before you meet your little one”. It turns out I was about 50% effaced and about 0.5cm dilated. We will re-check things next week to see if I am staying at the same status quo or if things are progressing. I didn’t know that getting an exam done would make me bleed so much! The doctor said not to worry, that it was normal as they were assessing my cervix and therefore, irritating it a bit and to expect some bleeding for yesterday and possibly even today. So far, there hasn’t been any today, so I guess that’s good!

So, we are still waiting for you to come out and play with us! Your dad is getting pretty antsy about your arrival and he wonders how big I will get before you get here!

You can come say Hi! Anytime, we’re ready for you!

Mom & Dad Xxo

P.S. While we were folding laundry earlier, your dad decided to “wear” some of your clothes… He is sporting your Christmas Outfit pants on those 2 pictures!

Your dad, being a true silly monkey! I guess that’s where you get it from! ๐Ÿ˜‰
He sort of looks like one of Santa’s little helper!

3 thoughts on “W38!!! So far, so good!

  1. You are 50% effaced? Sweet! Don't be discouraged by very little dilation, I was zero on Friday afternoon and Alexis was born Monday morning! I am so excited for you! Riley was super impatient too. For the last ten or so days of my pregnancy he would ask me about every hour 'are you in labor yet?'. Men!

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