W38D3: Your daddy

My sweet Monkey!

I have to say that I’ve had a hard time sleeping over the past couple of nights. I find myself waking up often, having a hard time falling back asleep and therefore, I read and think a lot during my waking hours. Every time I wake up, I go through the same silly routine of asking myself 2 questions: “Did my water break?” quickly followed by “Am I cramping/contracting?” When I answer no to both, I usually get up to go to the washroom and come back to bed to cuddle your dad while I stay awake and catch up on my blog-reading. Repeat the scenario 4-5 times a night and you have a pretty good idea of what my sleeping pattern is.

Sometimes, I just lay in the dark and think about how great my life is. I don’t mean to brag, but you and I are pretty lucky, my little one. I’ve had a very healthy and uneventful pregnancy and I thank the angels that granted me such good fortune. Last night, while I was lying in the dark, listening to your daddy’s steady breathing while he was asleep, I was also thinking about how much I love this man of mine!

As you grow older, we will surely fill you in on how we met over the Internet, how easy it is to just be together, and that, it was from the beginning. Your dad has this uncanny ability to make my heart melt at the most inconvenient times. For example: Last night, while I was having a bout of cramping while lying in bed, your dad thought it would be a good idea to poke and probe at you. Not so much. It just added to the discomfort of the cramping. I just had to give him “the look” to make him understand that it wasn’t the idea of the century and to please leave my belly alone for half a second. He gave me this sheepish/adorable look and I just couldn’t be mad at him and I told him he wasn’t allowed to play tricks on me like that. He also makes me laugh a lot. So much so that our landlord has mentioned it in the past (she lives right above us in the house we live in). She said that we seemed pretty happy as she can hear us laugh a lot and she was happy to hear those burst of laughter coming from our basement suite! I think it’s pure luck that we are great friends on top of being good to one another in our relationship.

Add to this that your dad is quite the hot stud-muffin and I feel very lucky that he loves me the way he does. We might not have the perfect relationship (who does, really?), but we have the perfect relationship that works for us. I am so very proud of him in all his accomplishments. He is currently ranked #118 (out of 1147) in Canadian Squash rankings and he is #36 in the province (out of 1727). I think he thinks he could do better, but as a true groupie, I am very proud of him.

Last night, we took the opportunity of your dad getting off work early because of Remembrance Day to go out for a dinner-date (probably the last one in a little while) and your dad was insisting on picking up the tab. We usually split things equally or I’ll pick up once and he’ll pick up the next time around, but lately, he won’t let me pay for anything. I guess that’s his way of providing for this pregnancy and your imminent arrival! Such a proud papa-bear!

You see, you got very lucky. Your dad is an amazing person and he loves you so very much already. I just thought I’d let you know how lucky you are to have him as a dad. I sure feel like the luckiest on the planet to have him as my husband!

Mom & Dad Xxo
P.S. Don’t be shy to come out anytime now!

One thought on “W38D3: Your daddy

  1. awwww your post made me tear up. I met Jake online as well and always cringe when people ask because some people immediately judge you. But it looks like it did us well and we both have amazing other halves and sounds like yours will be a spectacular father! Keeping you in my thoughts! Tell the little one that I'm waiting on them as well 🙂

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