W38D5: Your daddy is nesting!

Hello Monkey!

I think your daddy is in full-blown nesting mode! He’s been wanting and buying plants for the past 2 days and is making sure I have food and plenty of fluid in my belly ever since he got up today! I must say, it makes me feel like a princess! I am currently resting on what is now known as The Maternity Bed (the futon that remains opened in the livingroom) munching on a sweet little lunch your dad has prepared for me while he is folding laundry. I didn’t sleep well last night, was woken up many times for a few hours each times and was having pretty bad back,pelvic and hip pains. I am really ready for you to make an appearance ASAP! I have also incorporated a poll on the sidebar of the blog where people can vote on what sex you will be and how big you will be at birth. So far, people think you’ll be a boy and over 8 lbs! I guess we’ll see when you come out!

In the meantime, I have to confess that it’s nice to be able to spend a full weekend with your dad and relax a bit before your arrival. We are both excited about your imminent arrival and are curious to see what you’ll look like!


Mom & Dad Xxo

4 thoughts on “W38D5: Your daddy is nesting!

  1. Yay for nesting. I LOVE plants, the house is covered in them. Lots of fresh oxygen for the little one when they enter the world.

    What are your birthing plans? Are you going natural or going to get an epidural etc? I’m curious on everyone else’s plans.

    I hope I get spoiled when the time comes you lucky girl 🙂

    • I don’t really have a set birthing plan. I will deliver in the hospital (a very familiar environment to me :)) and go with the flow when it comes to pain medication. I am certainly not opposed to any, but will see how my body and mind deal with the whole thing. Don’t worry, soon enough, it will be your turn!

  2. Just curious, I’m really trying for the Hypnobirthing. Its basically deep relaxation and breathing. I’ve read only good things so I hope to try it. I hope it works for the $250.00 class *chokes*. If not well then I’ll either be a trooper or get an epidural as well.

    Hope your body just goes with it and you’re relaxed enough that its easy for you. I’m sure you’ll let us all know 🙂

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