W39: You seem to be quite comfy right where you are…

Hello sweet little Monkey!
We just got back from a f/u doctor’s appointment and apparently, you like your little swimming pool. Upon doing an exam, the doctor announced that we probably won’t get to meet you until at least net week :(. I have to admit, I am a little bummed out as I am totally ready for you to come out and I’m getting a bit bored with all this free time on my hands. I know everyone is telling me to enjoy this “down time” and to take advantage of this “quietness” to “rest up and relax”, but that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks. Everything is ready for your arrival, thanks to your dad’s and mine’s nesting instinct and there is only so much TV watching, knitting, scrap booking, going for walks a person can do!

I really shouldn’t complain as we’ve had it pretty easy so far with the pregnancy (no complications whatsoever and my major complain has been heartburn, big deal!), but this Babymama isn’t used to doing nothing and it is slowly driving me bonkers! And that’s not to mention the daily phone calls from loved ones inquiring if I’ve “had the baby yet?” I know people are well-meaning, but it only makes this waiting worst at times.

Oh well, at least, your dad will be happy as he is running a squash tournament this upcoming weekend and he thinks he’s in the clear as to me delivering only next week. Hopefully, you won’t interfere with his plans! 😉

See you soon (hopefully!) little one!
Mom & Dad Xxo

3 thoughts on “W39: You seem to be quite comfy right where you are…

  1. A friend of mine told me we should always fib our EDD to 2-3 weeks after the real one so that people don’t call every day asking if you “had the bb yet”… 😉

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