W39D2: You’re cramping my style!

Little Monkey!

Today has been a very busy day with me running errands and doing chores around the house as much as I can before your big day! However, you wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting about you throughout the day as I was feeling contractions pretty much since I got up this morning. They are a bit stronger than what I am used to and accompanied with a lot of pressure in my sacrum, pelvic and groin area. Hopefully, these are all signs of early labor and it means that the real labor will begin soon. I’m going to take it a bit easier for this evening with just folding and putting away the laundry and getting some scrapbooking done while watching TV. As for your dad, he is “on-call” and has assured me he would be keeping his cell phone close by. We are getting pretty excited at the idea of getting to meet you soon and this whole waiting game has had me on edge for the past week! Please come soon, you would be the best early Christmas present!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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