W39D6: Homebound and… waiting!


We are one day away from your due date and you are showing absolutely No. Signs. Of. Wanting. To. Come. Out!!! This babymama is pretty much at the end of my rope and I don’t know how many more days I can just sit around and wait for you to be ready to come out. To top it all off, we had another dump of snow (that stuck to the ground this time) which means that we are homebound. Yeah, yeah, I come from Montreal and I should be used to a little 10cm of snow on the ground, but what you should know is that we now live in Victoria. Lovely Victoria, where there is only 1 snow plower for the entire city. Lovely Victoria where the city doesn’t use the aforementioned plower until it’s way too late. Also, the city doesn’t apply sand or salt on the streets, which turn into skidding traps of death. Add to these little details that I only have rain tires (because your dad made me get rid of my winter tires when we moved her because “it never snows in Victoria *famous last words*) which means I can’t even take my car to get around 😦 It also means I’ve been homebound today.

On the plus side, your dad also decided to stay home today (which never happens, he’s never sick and is always at work!) as people were cancelling their lessons with him and he decided to just cancel the entire day as reports of traffic around town was getting pretty bad. Oh well, if you do decide to come out and we don’t feel safe driving to the hospital, we’ll just call the ambulance or something.

We have another follow-up appointment tomorrow with our doctor and I am hoping it will shake things up for you! In other news, now that I started to publicly call you Monkey on here, people have started to give us little Monkeys for you! 🙂 Over the past 2 days, we’ve received not one, but two of those:

Dangles the TY monkey!

I just love them! They are soft and cuddly and fluffy and will be perfect for you! I’m sure you’de love them too if you came out to see them! I am running out of ideas as to what to do in order to lure you out. I guess I just have to be patient and do things on your own schedule. So there, I’ll be the mature adult and just… wait. Maybe I’ll even become a crochet queen, with all the knitting I’ve been doing lately! 😉


Mom & Dad Xxo

One thought on “W39D6: Homebound and… waiting!

  1. Those teddy bears are great, and they wash really well. It doesn’t count for much for most people, but when you’re baby is sick and coughs/drool/pukes on the stuffed animal, it’s nice to know it can take a bath in the washing machine 😉
    Good luck tomorrow!

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