W40: Where are you?

Little Monkey,

It is almost 4:30am and I am once again, lying awake in bed, thinking about you, wondering if today will be the day you decide to come meet us. Your dad is sleeping soundly next to us and i am writing this from my IPhone (thanks technology!). I am very glad and thankful that this pregnancy has been so uneventful and I know how lucky we’ve been that it has been just so.

I now also understand the anguish all my friends have felt at the end of their pregnancies: the strong desire to meet our little one, the overly annoying waiting game, the daily phone calls and Facebook messages asking if you are born yet (don’t worry peeps, you’ll know when we deliver!) and the increasing annoyance with myself.

I feel like a lion trapped in a cage: aggravated, annoyed, bored and ready to pounce at the next person who tells me to “take this time to enjoy the calm and rest”. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past month!!! I’ve had enough rest! I am usually not an idle person and this waiting game has turned me into a grouch. I am very anxious about meeting you and so is your dad. He keeps asking if I’m feeling any contractions, if I’m in labor, etc.

We have a Dr’s appointment later and I’m curious to see what she’ll say. I’ll write again when I get back.

Mom & Dad Xxo

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