W40D3: Big boobs and Chocolatines!

Sweet Monkey!

This morning, I woke up with a massive craving for Chocolatines. They are also known as Pain au Chocolat or chocolate croissant. I wasn’t quite sure where to go looking for them here so I went on a quest to find a recipe and make my own. I found one on http://www.epicurious.com I have linked it in my Recipe page and you can find it by clicking here if you’re too lazy to go look it up! I made the recipe with some Phylo paste and the result isn’t quite what I was hoping for. Next time, I’ll try it with some Pillsbury croissant dough instead and hope it’ll taste more like what I’m used to. The ones I ended up with aren’t all that bad, just not quite there yet!


Yesterday, I went shopping for some nursing bras (I only had nighttime nursing tops until then) and was surprised to see that I have gone up almost 2 cup sizes since I started housing you! This mama got boobs! And if you decided to come out, you would most definitely benefit from them! I have had some pretty intense contractions last night and this morning, but nothing that lasts or comes on a regular basis. It’s all good, just getting some practice runs I guess. If it’s any indication of what real active labor will bring, it will suck big time, but I’m ok with that. I’ll take as much pain as I can and drugs are always there to help out! You can judge me all you want for being ok with getting any kind of pain medication during labor, as long as I’m comfortable with my decision, that’s all that really matters. I never thought of myself as Wonder Woman and I’m not going to start anytime soon! It’s my pregnancy and I intend to live it the way we (your dad and I) want to. I find a lot of people (strangers and acquaintances) have very strong opinions about pain control during delivery and how we chose to feed you (breast-feeding vs bottle feeding). I plan on breastfeeding you and also extracting breast milk so you dad can bottle feed it to you sometimes if everything is going well with breast-feeding. However, if my milk production isn’t adequate, I am not opposed to a bottle of formula once in a while.  Once again, it’s a decision your dad and I have made, and I know I’m opening up a can of worms and am ready for some harsh criticism, but it’s our choice and we’re sticking to it!


As for you arrival, I’ve made peace with it! I have now mentally changed my goal date for your arrival to Christmas. If you’re not there by then, there will be trouble!!! 🙂 I just keep going about my day like you’re not overdue and it’s helping a lot.


I will now go get dinner ready for when your dad comes back from work. He’s getting pretty impatient about meeting you so I try my best to calm him down!

See you soon little one!
Mom & Dad Xxo

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