W40D6: Football, Christmas and Follow-up!

Little Monkey!,


Yesterday, we put up our Christmas decorations while watching the Grey Cup and I was happy “my team” won for the 2nd year in a row. I will always be a true Montreal Alouette fan at heart, even though we live on the complete opposite coast now! Football is about the only sport I get really passionate about when I see a game (that and when your dad plays squash)!

Below are a few pictures of our Holiday decorations. Our tree is a bit bare, but that’s just because I’m waiting for the end of season sale to buy decorations to make it fuller 😉


Our little Tree

Santa greeting us at the front door!

The fireplace is missing your stocking... Still looking for a nice one for you!

Yesterday, in a failed effort to bring on labor (and bring you out too!), your dad and I decided to go do some shopping by foot. I was wearing my Sockwa for the 1st time outside. I had decided to wear the black ones (you can see them by clicking on the link). I was wearing some thin Smartwool socks with them just because it was a bit cold outside and the streets were wet and I was afraid my feet were going to get cold as it was my 1st attempt at wearing them outside. Overall, they were pretty comfortable and you can really feel the ground and the different types of surface when walking with them (even when wearing socks). We were out for about 1h30, walking mainly in stores and on sidewalks and streets. I managed to keep my feet warm and dry so that was good too! I could tell my feet were getting tired towards the end of our trip and I was glad to be back home. At home, I am usually always barefoot or only wearing socks walking around on the laminate ir carpet. I know I’ll have to do the switch progressively when it comes to minimalist footwear, but I quite enjoyed the experience today. Mind you, I might not have had the best stepping form with my waddling and all, but I’ll correct that once you come out!


It is now 12:50pm and we just got back from your follow-up appointment. I am still only 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. Your head is down, but remains unengaged. I was awarded another stripping of the membranes (which wasn’t anymore fun the 2nd time around 😦 ) and told it might be another 7 days before you show up. Mentally, I am not doing so well, but physically, we are both top shape! 🙂 I will go for my NST later this afternoon and if everything is fine, will have another one scheduled either Thursday or Friday. Following that 2nd NST, if I haven’t delivered yet, I will be put on the induction waiting list for either next Monday or Tuesday, with another NST on Monday in the event I don’t get induced then. I am very thankful for this blog as I get to update everyone without having to talk to anyone as, right now, I am not really in a chatty mood. I understand that everyone is excited about meeting you and well-meaning in their enquiry, but the constant asking about your imminent arrival does nothing to help your dad and I deal with our stress and anxiety. To think I stressed so much about everything that could go wrong before I reached 35 weeks of gestational age! If I would’ve known you were planning on cooking for so long, I would’ve relaxed a lot sooner!


Since this post is already pretty long, I will update with another one once I get back from my NST appointment.


Mom & Dad Xxo

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