W41: Things I am looking forward to…

Hi Monkey!,

Today, you are officially 1 week overdue and I thought I would write about things I’m looking forward to once you make your appearance into this world! *This will be another brutally honest post, you are warned!*

1. First and foremost, getting to see you, hold you and discovering your personality! That’s a given!

2. Being able to see my feet and my privates is a close second! 🙂 Because a few people have asked for more recent pictures of my belly, below is proof of how big you are as of last night:

The best Christmas present ever: You!

Don't mind the exhausted look and the no-makeup face!

Look at my 20lbs Habitat for Humanity Project!

3. Losing the edema (swelling) in my hands, feet, groin area (which makes walking difficult and I waddle like a penguin!) and nose. I’ve had pretty bad nasal congestion at night thanks to pregnancy and waking up in a pool of drool as a consequence is no fun at all!

4. Being able to get around without moaning, groaning, getting out of breath or needing the help of a crane to get out of bed or off the couch! Add to that, having more than 1 comfortable sleeping position!

5. Losing the 20lbs I’ve gained housing you and going back to being active and running again.

6. Stop referring to myself as a Habitat for Humanity project! 🙂

7. Having a “real, good” pee and not just a little trickling.

8. Being able to bend over to tie up my shoes. Thank God for slip ons! I haven’t worn anything with laces for over 2 months!

9. Going for walks with you and your dad and going swimming with Em, Lu and Katie.

10. Last, but definitely not least, to love you and try and be the best mom I can be for you. I will make mistakes and do things wrong, but know that I will always act with your best interest at heart and out of pure, genuine love for you. I hope you will learn to laugh at my mistakes and forgive me in the long run…

Mom & Dad Xxo

P.S. After being emotionally drained yesterday, your dad had the perfect solution to cheer me up. We watched Bill Cosby’s Himself. THIS is the kind of video they should show expecting parents! We were laughing through the entire thing (at least, I was until I fell asleep cuddling with your dad on the couch 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “W41: Things I am looking forward to…

  1. Let me start by saying you look absolutely fantastic Val!!! While you are looking forward to no longer being a Habitat for Humanity project, are you ready to be a Food Bank? Hehehe… And may I just warn you that the waddling will last about a week or so after Baby arrives, but just for a different reason that edema! Hehehe… If there is anything Alexis and I can do to help you pass the time just let us know!!!!

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