W41D1: 1/2 elephant, 1/2 Babymama!

Hello Monkey!

I was awake early again this morning and was reading up on elephant on the web. It turns out, my pregnancy with you is perfectly on par and the fact that you are technically 1 week overdue can be reasoned with the following fact: I am growing an elephant! Literally!

“The elephant has the longest gestation period of any mammal; they are pregnant for approximately 22 months, that’s 669 days… It’s difficult for us humans to imagine being pregnant for almost two years!” (Source) Ahem! Not so difficult to imagine in this case! According to my lovely What to Expect App on my iPhone, I have been pregnant for 288 days! If you do the math, I have reached almost half of the elephant’s gestation time. Does that make me 1/2 elephant? Should I start thinking of you as a calf instead of a monkey?

Will you look like this?


Or like this?


It really doesn’t make any difference to me as both cases are simply adorable and your dad and I love you plenty and will be happy no matter what you look like. Even if you’re a bit of a FLK (Funny-Looking Kid in the medical field) ;)!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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