Who knew…

My darling Rina,

Pfewww! What a whirlwind the past 4 days have been. Time has gone by so fast and I am slowly getting my act together. Your Oma has arrived on Wednesday evening while we were still in the hospital and she swung by to come meet you, even though it was very late for her, with the time change and all. I was asked to spend an extra night in the hospital, just to make sure everything would be fine with the 2 of us, considering the little complications we had during delivery. You can read all about it here. Coming home was really good. I was able to be in my own clothes, shower and bathe as much as I want, but it also has its challenges. Your dad has been amazing through it all and we made a pit stop to the drugstore to rent an electric breast pump as my boobs were still destroyed from the “delivery boob massacre”. However, my milk production is very good. So much so that I started referring to myself as being such a cow!

I am now almost exclusively nursing you, except when I feel a flare up in pain in my nipples, then I pump my milk while your dad bottles you. So far, you are a very good baby: sleeping on average 3hrs between feeds, when you lie awake, you don’t cry and manage to entertain yourself back into sleep.

We also have started using the cloth diaper service we had hired and so far, they are working really well.

My new favorite things are to stare at you, cuddle you and shower you with kisses. You are so dependant on us, and yet, you have total control over your dad and I!

I never thought I would have such a strong maternal instinct, but here it is, and I am thoroughly embracing it all! Then again, how could we not when looking at you?

4 days old and the center of our universe!

With all of our love,

Mom & Dad Xxo

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