Dec. 18, 2010: That’s the kind of guy your dad is…

Gorgeous Rina,

You’ve been really good since yesterday and breastfeeding really well. Let’s keep my fingers crossed the toe curling will remain to a minimum and we are finally off to the good start we were supposed to. I think it’s helped out a lot that your dad has been with us for the past 2 days. He has this uncanny ability to reduce my stress level to none and gives me a bit of a rest from constantly caring for you so that I am rested and calm when I need to be on the ball.

Yesterday, I had a haircut appointment and left you alone with your dad who managed to vacuum without waking you up. I told you he was good! When I came back home from running errands, I was doing a bit of tidying up around the living room and found a Christmas card. Thinking it was one I had missed for you, I read it. It was from a person I don’t know. I figured it was a squash member and asked your dad about it.

Just so you know, your dad is a squash pro. That’s what he does for a living. He teaches people how to play squash and he loves it. It’s not always an easy job, very busy in the winter time with some down time in the summer and the hours can be a bit crazy, but it’s something I’ve gotten used to and we pick up the tab for one another whenever we can. Now, Babydaddy also loves to develop program for junior players. I think he likes it so much because he is such a big kid at heart. Sometimes, I wonder who has more fun on the squash court: your dad or the kids he teaches! Now, going back to the unknown Christmas card. I asked your dad who it was from and here is (paraphrasing) what his answer was.

The card is from one of the parents of a kid I teach to. Earlier in the year, that parent had lost his job and that meant that their child would have to give up playing squash as the lessons were simply out of their budget. Now, I’m guessing this kid must’ve been either pretty good or really enjoying his lessons as your dad simply offered his parents to give lessons for free and if they wished/were able to do so, give your dad some sort of money compensation at the end of the year, depending on what they were able to afford. He is such a great guy with such a kind heart, isn’t he? I knew that already, but when I found out what he was doing for this kid and his family, I was really touched.

As for me, I am proud to announce that 11 days after your birth, I managed to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy jeans. They are a bit tight as my little pouch hasn’t completely disappeared and I can’t wear a belt with them, but I am wearing them! No more sweat pants or yoga pants for this Babymama!

Look at you, sleeping peacefully, earlier this morning.

Our very own Sleeping Beauty…



Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “Dec. 18, 2010: That’s the kind of guy your dad is…

  1. I love that babies sleep with their arms up like that. She’s precious! Congrats on getting back into pre-pregnancy jeans. I bought my first pair of maternity jeans and they’re heaven. I work in yoga pants all day so I was quite tired of them. YAY jeans!

    Props to daddy for vacuuming. Its good when all that can be done and baby sleeps through it. Hopefully she won’t be a fussy sleeper as she gets older 🙂

  2. You fit in your pre-pregnancy jeans?!?!?!? I am not talking to you anymore! Just kidding… That is fantastic!

    I absolutely love when babies sleep with their arms up like that! I have dozens of photos of Alexis doing that! Hehehehe!

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