Dec. 19, 2010: Once upon a time…

Darling Rina,

Once upon a time, your Mom and Dad met and fell in love. They shared some very special moments throughout their relationship, pulling through minor struggles and celebrating the small joys of life. Eventually, your Dad proposed to your mom on an idyllic trip to the Bahamas and they got married on the sandy beach of Mexico. Before they married each other, they had discussed building a family. Your Dad wanted to have 7 children, your mom was willing to start with 1 and go from there! On their wedding day, they were exactly 3 months pregnant with you, already loving you and wondering what kind of person you’d grow up to be. They celebrated their honeymoon on a road trip back to the Canadian west coast and then settled and prepared for your arrival.

Your Mom knew that she would be overwhelmed with tons of new emotions while being pregnant with you as well as many physiological changes. One of those changes was that she sprouted many new beauty marks all over her body. One of those beauty mark happen to appear on her chest next to her heart. If you look at it carefully, it strangely has the shape of a heart too. This is because your mom had so much love for you that it came out in the form of a beauty mark. From then on, your mom knew she would carry eternal love for you in her heart whenever and wherever she went. She had been branded by undying love for you and the beauty mark is a simple reminder of the bond between your Mom and yourself.

I wear my heart on my chest!



Mom & Dad Xxo

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