Dec 22, 2010: Breastfeeding clinic update

My dear Rina,

Today, we had an appointment at the breastfeeding clinic and surprisingly, this Babymama managed to get there on time, thanks to Babydaddy’s help! It seems I am doing everything right when it comes to breastfeeding, so why does it keep feeling like my breasts are being used as pincushions wether you are feeding or not? Apparently, you don’t thrust your tongue out far enough, hence the pain and the flattening of the nipples when you do latch on. As for the pain I feel (burning sensation accompanied with needle-like pinprick feeling) in -between feeds, it could be because I have a yeast infection on my breasts. You don’t look like you have any yeast in your mouth, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have one. So what do we do now? We keep on pumping (by the way, I am really starting to resent that pump, but I’ll do it for you ma p’tite cocotte!) and rubbing a yeast treatment on my breasts (think Monistat cream) until I’m no longer feeling the needles in my breasts  and keep stimulating you to open up your mouth very big and stick out your tongue before we bottle feed you. It makes me feel a little ridiculous because I look like I’m trying to coax you to stick your tongue out at me (which I am!) and you’re only 2 weeks old! We also have had to get bigger nipples for your bottles in order to stimulate your soft palate and same goes with your soothers. Last, but not least, we are to stimulate you to suck on our fingers while gently pushing said finger down to your soft palate and then, even more gently, try to push your tongue forward.  It’s not an easy pill to swallow for this Babymama, being such a control freak, but I’m gonna give this a try. It is hard though and it sometimes makes me feel like a big failure, but we will succeed in the end. Right now, my only wish is for a pain-free day. Between the pain in my breasts and the pain from the stitches I’ve had in my crotch, it’s starting to take its toll when you add it to the emotional roller-coaster. Maybe that’s what I should ask Santa: For Christmas this year, I would like a pain-free day!


I am determined to make this work though and if not, I’ll have to face our other options. Anything for you my princess!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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