Jan.7, 2011: Happy 1st month smiling girl!

Beautiful Rina,

Today, you are 1 month old. Time flies by so fast and both your dad and I would like for you not to grow up so quickly. Your dad keeps saying that he doesn’t want you to get bigger and I feel like I could miss something important if I blink for a second too long! You’ve had a good day so far today and I keep my fingers crossed that it will stay that way as your dad will only be home much later tonight. After your midday feed, you were wide awake and I decided to try you on your exercice mat again. You’ve never really taken to it yet, but I keep trying every once in a while. Today, you managed to kick your little legs and flail your little arms while I shook some toys close to you and kissed you silly! I’m not sure if I imagined things, but I think you gave me your 1st social smile while on the mat. You also had a pretty loud vocal outburst and I think you might start reaching for dangling toys in front of you.  Next time, I’ll have to have the camera around. I also try to speak French to you as much as I can throughout the day so you grow up bilingual.


We also managed to connect with Katie, her mom, Lucy and Emme for lunch. I met Katie when her twin girls (Lucy and Emme) were in the NICU and we connected during their stay in the hospital. We’ve been friends ever since! The girls are doing very well and are in the process of finding their voice. 🙂 It’s nice to have a friend with kids your age who will hopefully become good friends for you too. The outing at a restaurant was a 1st for us and it went very well considering you slept through the whole thing. There was a gentlemen who was eating a few tables away who was quite taken by all the babies we had with us and when he peaked at you he said: “In all honesty, your daughter looks a thousand times smarter than our wonderful Prime Minister Stephen Harper!” That made me laugh because you are quite alert and awake!


I’m slowly getting a semi routine in place when your dad gets home late from work and now manage to go have a quick bath every night while you sit in your bouncy chair on the floor next to me. The hardest part is to get you to sleep when 10pm comes around as I usually start to doze off myself. What can I say, you’re a night owl! I’ll just have to get on your schedule I guess!
Your Mamie is coming in 3 days. I can’t wait for her to be here and I know she is pretty excited about meeting you too!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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