Jan. 16, 2011: One week isn’t long enough!

Sweetest Rina!

We just got back from driving Mamie Gaétane to the airport and it seems the week has simply flown by. It’s a good thing we will see everyone again in a month when we both fly to the east coast as it made me realize how much I’ve missed having family close by. Oh well, your dad and I have made a choice to move all the way across the country and we knew how hard it would be to be just the 2 (now 3) of us. It’s a rainy day today and I’m hoping I won’t get too much of cabin fever, although, we do need to go out to run some errands. Your dad comes back tonight from a weekend to the mainland and although he’s only been gone for 2 days, I missed him a lot and it will be good to be reunited again.  I leave you with a picture of how I found you this morning just before we left to drive Mamie to the airport. You are just too cute for your own good!


Sleeping peacefully in your field of berries, made by Grandma Marg



Mom & Dad Xxo

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