Feb. 1st, 2011: How the Challenges kicked my butt and how I kicked today’s adversity’s butt! (Also, Happy 8 weeks!)

Cutie Rina!,

I haven’t really mentioned the Challenges I’ve undertaken and there’s a perfectly good reason for it: THEY ARE KICKING MY BUTT!!! I failed miserably at completing my “Day 3” last week and have since decided to start back from scratch and go back to the basics. According to my assessments, I was supposed to start on week 3 for the squats and the sit-ups, but this Babymama decided to scale things back to week 1. So there. I used to be able to do 50 sit-ups in a row wayyyy back when I was dancing (about 15 years ago!!) and now, I can barely do 5! Oh well, all in due time I guess. I just miss being fit and I miss running terribly, but when would I go??? Considering your dad gets home at about my bedtime and you’re too young for me to take you out in the jogging stroller… I think it’s pretty good I manage to do my workouts after your bedtime! Here is our routine: bath for you, followed by story time with a bottle and bedtime. I then workout in the living room, grab dinner and go bathe myself. By the time I’m done, I’m ready for bed at around 21:30-22h!!! How sad is that???

So far, today is a weird day. I’m sorry to say that I have reverted to taking you to the futon with me in the early morning as I’m just plain too lazy to quietly let you fall back asleep from your colic. I just need those few hours of sleep desperately and it’s easier if I just lay next to you as you are quieter (from my body warmth maybe??) So here we are, sleeping peacefully on the futon.

Hmmm. Thanks to Babydaddy for snapping this one of the thow of us sleeping on the futon. (Yes, I sleep with the hood of my hoddie on!)

This morning, I woke up to the lovely noise of Timmy-the-cat heaving. Yay… NOT! I jumped from the futon to grab the cat so he wouldn’t puke on the carpet and put him on the floor in the hallway. However, he kept walking and was slowly going towards the spot where your dad dropped his coat on the floor… I managed to divert the cat’s puke trajectory about an inch from the jacket! Take that kitty puke; Babymama:1 – kitty puke: 0! I thought I had it all figured out! Then you let me shower and do my hair (MIRACLE!!) before you started fussing. I’ve now been trying to get you to nap for over 1hr to no avail. You have that tired eyes and tired cry thing going on and yet, you fight sleep like your life depends on it. It’s ok though as I’m guessing you’ll sleep in your car seat when we leave to visit a friend for lunch. I’m just sad to admit to putting you down in your bed and closing the bedroom door behind me as I couldn’t take your screeching anymore. I feel like a horrible mom when I do this, but it’s either that or I lose my sanity! Meh. You wine some, you lose some. I’ll take the 6.5hrs of continuous sleep you gave us last evening and look at it as a small victory instead of focusing on your crankiness today.

(Much later in the evening)

So lunch went well and as I predicted, you looked angelic as you remained asleep in your car seat. We came back home and as I was driving, I was thinking that we truly love in a beautiful part of the country. Where else, in February, can you wear a hoodie, get to enjoy the view of the ocean with snowy mountain peaks in the background? I fed you when we got home and since it was such a beautiful sunny and crisp day, I decided to punish myself go for a walk with you. I wanted to walk all the way to where Babydaddy works, stops by for a few minutes and walk back home. For some odd reason, I though a cardio workout would be a fun idea so I chose the most torturous hilly way to get there. Sheesh! We might live in a beautiful part of the country, but we also live in a very hilly part of the country. On its own, it’s a workout. Pushing a stroller, it’s death! That was not a gentle stroll! I was huffing and puffing away, pushing you up and down hills (my quads were screaming on the downhills, thanks to the Squat Challenge). It took me 45 minutes to get there and I am not ashamed to say that I took the flat less hilly route to come back home. I was pooped! You were still cranky when I took you out of the stroller and managed to remain that way until bedtime (a fun 3hrs of dealing with the colicky you!) Pfew! What a day! I managed to snap a few pictures of you in your stroller as we were walking home:

You, chilling while I struggle to get you home!

Aren’t you a cutie?!?

Happy 8 weeks my darling! Although it hasn’t been your best day, you are loved very much and I cannot wait to see what the future has for us! I’m off to go relax my quads in the tub! Nighty night!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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