Feb.3, 2011: Because the sun always shines after the rain!

My precious girl,

I was pretty discouraged and drained after our evening last night and this morning started up pretty much the same. So much so that I was debating giving you Acetaminophen because I thought maybe you had started teething. You are drooling a bit more lately and want to shove your fists/ blankets/ my hoodies/ or the straps from our sling in your mouth every chance you get. However, every time I was about to give you said Acetaminophen, you’d fall asleep peacefully, so in the end, I never gave it to you!

After you had your morning naps, you were a bit better and even managed to give a few smiles to our visitors: Aunt Kel, Jessica and her daughter Alexis. I managed to snap a few pics of you and Alexis, just before the two of you burst out crying.


Alexis (left) and Rina (right), chillin’ on the couch!

You remained calm for the rest of the afternoon and we went for a short walk in the stroller (obviously you, not me! 🙂 ) and although you didn’t sleep during the walk, you were nice and quiet. You fell asleep in my arms after you afternoon bottle and we cuddled until it was time to start your bedtime routine. After your bottle and bedtime story, you went down pretty easily! You see, the sun always shines after the rain! After bad days, you have better days and that’s what I try to focus on. Letting go, focusing on the things I can control and change, not the things I have no control over.


As I was reading you your bedtime story (one of Caillou’s book), I noticed a strange resemblance between you and Caillou. You can see for yourself from the picture below… I think it’s the lack of hair and the really round head!





Sweet dreams my love!,

Mom & Dad Xxo

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