Have baby, will travel! (Beware, this is a long post with many pictures!)

Sweet Rina!,

We have spent the weekend in Nanaimo to accompany Babydaddy to one of his squash tournament. I thought it would be good practice for us when we travel to the Canadian east coast next week. Below is a recap of our little adventure:

Friday, Feb. 4, 2011

We left home at the time we had planned and made a stop at the jewellery store. You’ll remember that your dad had given me a beautiful ring at Christmas to celebrate your arrival. The ring was a bit too big, but because of all the Christmas re-sizing, I decided to wait a bit to get mine done. We dropped it just before leaving on our weekend trip. We did pretty good on the drive and only had to stop once in order to feed and change you. Once we arrived in Nanaimo, we checked in our hotel, the Coast. We have a very nice room and your dad had managed to get us a mini-fridge, a microwave and we also managed to score a kettle in order to prepare, store and warm-up your feeds! šŸ˜‰


The view from our room


We unpacked quickly and met with a friend from work, Lisa, and her husband for a very late lunch at a pub called Fox and Hounds. The fish n’ chips were pretty good and I managed to empty my plate! We had to cut the visit slightly short as we were entering your cranky time. Coming back to the hotel, we slowly wound you down and got ready for your bedtime routine: bath time, bottle and good night! Everything went really well and although bathing you in a big tub is back breaking for me, you thoroughly enjoyed yourself! You are currently sleeping in your playpen.


Our room
You are sleeping in your playpen, in the corner!
Little Angel sleeping šŸ™‚ (The pic is very grainy, but I wasn’t about to wake you up by turning on lights or using the flash!)


Your dad took the opportunity to nap too as his 1st match is scheduled at 22:40! Ridiculous if you ask me! After his nap, he got up and walked to the club where he’ll play his match in order to grab dinner. I stayed at the hotel with you and went on to do my Challenges and I am proud to say that I will be moving along next week! šŸ™‚

Once I was done working out, I ordered some room service for myself. My goal for this weekend: eat as healthy as I can! Not really off to a good start with my fish n’ chips, but I have remedied to this with my dinner tonight: a cup of Roast Corn & Smoked Salmon Chowder


My soup!


accompanied by a simple Mixed Seasonal Greens salad.


My salad


Everything was delicious and exactly what I needed. So far, travelling with you is going really well and I am very proud of you my little Monkey! Once I’m done with my meal, it will be bath time for me, followed by bedtime. Who knows when your dad will be back to the room??? Hopefully, not too late so he can be rested for his match tomorrow and we can go see him play!

Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011:

You had a very good night last night and we managed to go see your dad play one of his match today (well, I watched while you slept and snored in the Ergo carrier!) and I’m proud to say he won his 2nd match. We are currently missing his 3rd match as someone (you) has an early bedtime and someone (me) needs to watch over you! Since I was going to miss the tournament dinner, your dad was kind enough to go to the grocery store and get me food (hotel food is costly, grocery store = cheaper). He got me 3 different kinds of soup, a nice caesar salad with shrimps and some mini pita breads with herb goat cheese. All I have to say is that this food was yummy in my tummy! Before you started your cranky time, we had a bit of a photo session while you enjoyed some tummy-time and below are a few of the shots I took:


Tummy time on the hotel bed!
I move fast!
Mom… Are you almost done?
Hehe, look at me!


Update: Daddy won his match! He will play in the final tomorrow! Yay Daddy! Since you’re asleep, I’m going to go relax in the tub!

Sunday, Feb.6, 2011:

Had a pretty uneventful day today… NOT! Your daddy won the squash tournament! I was so proud of him and I think he was happy that we went to cheer him on. Once again, you were asleep, cozy against my chest in the child carrier, but you were there in spirit, I’m convinced of it because you behaved very well. You see, the match started right around the time you normally start to get cranky for the night, however, you stayed asleep right up until your dad gave you a sweaty victory kiss after the match! You were also very well behaved (aka asleep) for the entire drive back and we were thankful for that as we are both exhausted! We came home, unpacked, gave you a bath, fed you and down you went for the night!

Overall, we had a very good weekend and I am very proud of the way you traveled. By the way, I hadn’t brought your probiotics with us and you don’t seem the worst for it! Yay! for you little Monkey! Tomorrow, you’ll be 2 months old… Time flies when you live with a gorgeous girl like you! šŸ™‚


Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “Have baby, will travel! (Beware, this is a long post with many pictures!)

  1. Yay!!! Way to go Rina! Bodes well for your Quebec trip! The photos of tummy time are just TOO cute!!! Rina is really good at holding her head up. Maybe she can teach Alexis that tummy time is fun? My angel still isn’t a fan of tummy time.

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