Feb. 9, 2011: Who’s the monkey now???

Sweet Rina,

I am amazed at how well you are doing today considering you received your 1st shots yesterday. We didn’t even have to give you Acetaminophen overnight and, so far today, you are doing great with just one dose of Acetaminophen this afternoon as you were obviously in pain with your little legs straight as rods and arching your back. You are just a little more subdued than usual (!), but I’ll take it! 😉 I am just finishing packing up our bags as we are embarking on another big 1st for you tomorrow. We are flying across the country, back to the east coast for a visit/introduction to family members. You’ll get to meet aunts and uncles, your grandfathers, your 2 great-grandmothers as well as many friends who are excited to meet you! I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

As for the title of this post, I’ve noticed something I do when I hold you and try to put you to sleep. As you suck away on your soother and I give you cuddles and kisses, I’ve caught myself  constantly grooming you, removing little fluffs from your hair, cleaning your eye goop, etc… It made me thing of a couple of monkeys grooming one another. I guess I’m a monkey too! 🙂

Monkey see, Monkey do!


P.S. When we went to the Health Unit yesterday, we saw Fiona (one of my co-workers from the NICU who is now working at the HU) and she said you’re starting to look like me! I was over the moon upon hearing this as EVERYONE (including me!) has said you look like you are the spitting image of your dad!

Sleep well my love, I need you on your best behaviour tomorrow!


Mom & Dad Xxo

2 thoughts on “Feb. 9, 2011: Who’s the monkey now???

  1. Yay Rina! You are such a tough girl going with only one dose of acetaminophen! And if your momma is a monkey then I am too because I am constantly grooming Alexis! I am sure you two won’t appreciate the grooming when you are 10 and trying to look ‘cool’ to your friends but for now we momma’s get to pick and poke all we want! 🙂

    Have a great trip out east, Val!!! I wish you smooth flights, good weather and very little jet lag!!!

  2. subdued?! Just order up another round of shots when she gets wild. Just playing 🙂 I’m glad she’s doing well, everyone I know is conked out for a few days so she’s quite the trooper it seems.

    I think she’s starting to look like you too, her face mostly. Probably the huge eyes but hey, a girl needs to have pretty girly eyes and she sure won big on those.

    Hope your trip goes well, I’m sure you’ll have lots of stories and pictures. Safe travels my friend!

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