Feb. 11, 2011: Meeting the family!

Sweet Rina!,
How proud of you I am for being such a wonderful baby during our flights! I didn’t even need to medicate you to calm you down, you managed to do that on your own with only minimal whining  once the plane started its descent in Montreal! I even managed to watch a full movie (Red) on the plane! The gentleman sitting next to us was very kind and said he only wished his daughter traveled as well as you did! I guess you deserve a gold star for yesterday!


Although the flights were uneventful, I was exhausted from our day yesterday and I’d forgotten how dreadful the traffic can be in Montreal. I missed the sunny snowy days of winter (compared to the dreary grey, rainy days of the west coast), but the traffic jams, I did not miss! It took us well over 1hr to get back to my parents’ place!  You didn’t seem too bothered by the cold as we had you pretty well bundled. I had a quick dinner, bathed and put you to bed and then, did the same for myself! I went to bed at 11pm east coast time, which equals 8pm west coast time! Keep in mind I’d been up since 3:45am the previous night for one of your feed and never fell back asleep after that!


Your grand-papa was very happy to finally get to meet you and I think he’ already fallen for you! Today, we’re embarking on a 3hrs car ride to go meet your Nonno and Great Oma, as well as your Aunt Sandy and a few more relatives! So far, sticking to  our schedule hasn’t been so bad. You woke up a bit more frequently during the night (every 4hrs) and you are currently waking up from a very short nap. Let’s pray you’ll be good for the car ride!


I’ve spoken with your dad last night and although he said he misses us, it’ll be good for him to get some much needed rest while we’re away. I already miss him though… 😦

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