Feb.14, 2011: Happy lovers’ day!

Sweet Rina!,

We left your Nonno and grand-mother this morning to drive back to your Mamie and Grand-Papa’s house. It was raining in Ontario and pretty much started to snow at the Quebec border. You, once again, travelled very well and pretty much slept the whole way through and I took the opportunity to nap as I was sitting in the back with you! 🙂 I unpacked quickly, did massive amounts of laundry (I thought your dad was producing a lot of dirty laundry, but it’s a tie between the 2 of you!), bathed you, fed you and put you to bed, did my Challenges workouts (repeating week 2 as I never did my 3rd workout last week. It’s hard to stick to a schedule when you’re on the road) and just finished eating. I am now watching House before I go fold the rest of the laundry and go relax in the tub before calling your dad.
I miss your dad a lot. We managed to have a Skype video call yesterday and I think he’s starting to miss you too! Today was Valentine’s day and I had left a card for him to open today. 😉 Here are a few pictures of your dad and I doing what we do best: loving each other and loving you!

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Happy Valentine’s day Monkey!


Mom & Dad Xxo

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