Feb.15, 2011: Rina, meet the real Canadian winter!

Hello gorgeous girl!,

Today was a quiet day spent at home. We even managed to go outside for a walk in the snow! It was a beautiful sunny winter day and after I bundled you like a multi-layered improvised Michelin-man (and by improvised, I mean you were wearing socks as mittens inside your snow-suit!), we headed outside for a short walk (about 20mins). You were in the Ergo and I pulled out the rain shield and used it as a windshield on top of all your layers. I was determined to keep you warm! I’d forgotten the sound footsteps make in the crisp snow! I took a video in order to remember 🙂

and a few pictures of this beautiful cold sunny day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Later in the afternoon, you got to meet your uncle and your cousin. I think she was pretty excited to see you until you started howling… They got here in your witching hour and you were being a bit fussy. However, she was pretty glad to help out with your bath and reading you a story. I have an english storybook with me and had to translate to French to her as I was reading to you 😉

We had dinner together with my parents and we’ll see them again on Saturday as they will be back for another family dinner! After dinner tonight, my dad (your Grand-papa) gave me a very nice compliment about my way of mothering you. He said that he admired me for the way I was dealing with you when you get to your daily crying period (every day, between 4-6pm). He said he was impressed with how calm I remained when you were crying at the top of your lungs. It made me feel like I was doing something right with you! 🙂

You are now sleeping and I am watching No Ordinary Family on TV before unwinding for the night.

Goodnight my love!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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