Feb.16, 2011: Meeting the Frenchies!

Little Rina,

Today, you got to meet some of my relative. The French ones. You know, the loud ones who speak with their hands? That’s right, just like your Mama! You weren’t too impressed and after giving them a few smiles, you let them know you weren’t interested (by crying at EVERY single new face that came within your sight!). Once they understood that, you settled nicely in my arms and slept through the rest of their visit!

You napped pretty well this morning and had a longer nap in my arms while the family was here. You also gave me a really nice night last night, sleeping 11h30 and only waking up twice! Hopefully, you can repeat the same thing tonight 🙂

Tonight, I decided to hop in the tub with you while I was giving you a quick wash, as the tub here is very deep and it’s been killing my back to bathe you in there. You didn’t seem to mind the company too much and it was a lot easier for me to bathe you that way. 🙂 After I put you to bed, I had dinner with my parents and did my Challenges workouts.  Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be really warm here and if we don’t get any visitors, I really want to go for a walk with you. I’ve been suffering from a bit of cabin fever ever since arriving on the east coast (with being used to going for a walk/hike on an almost daily basis at home) and I need to get a move on!

Below are a few pictures I took of you in your cute little outfit to meet the Frenchies! 😉


I didn’t get to talk to your dad a lot today as he’s been really busy with work and the time difference is a bit hard to work into a decent phone conversation. I’ll maybe try to call him when you wake up for your midnight feed. Hopefully, he’ll have time to talk a bit as I really miss him 😦

Sleep well little angel!

Mom & Dad Xxo

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