Snow day and reminiscing…

Sweetest girl!

We woke up this morning to about a foot of snow outside and it’s still falling, therefore, your dad stayed home from work! I’m not complaining! I like having impromptu days with him. He is currently shovelling the driveway and you are napping. I decided to slum it in my jogging pants and hoodie all day! Maybe your dad will build us a nice fire in the fireplace later on! 😉

I guess I brought some east coast snow back with me 🙂


Tulips in the snow

I have to say, you are quite the tired girl today: you get tired with heavy eyes and start crying as you don’t know how to fall asleep on your own. It’s ok though, your dad and I help you fall asleep and then you nap pretty well. You’re on your 3rd nap this morning so far, I guess the timezone change is hitting you harder than I thought it would.

While it is a quiet snow-blanket kinda day, I’ve been thinking back a lot about your birth and how things change fast around here. It seems like yesterday that you scared the living crap out of us with your whole business of being born and we held you for the 1st time. I’ve been trying to understand how iMovie works to link together all the little movie clips we have of your birth (your dad shot multiple short clips and I’m trying to link them one after the other, still a work in progress!) While we were visiting with your Papou and Mamie, she was curious as to how long it took you before you took your 1st breath after you came out. I had never paid attention to it and watching the video, those 76 secs are some of the longest of my life! I also played around with my camera and you were the subject (as usual!)


A kiss from Daddy


Ooooh... Soother!

Playing with the camera

One of my favorite of you

Daddy, putting you to sleep

OK, enough of all those pictures, I’ll try to get back to iMovies!

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